Hello world!

Do people still do that blogging-thingy? Anyway, here we are! This website is gonna be my little playground, resume and testcenter for some of my ideas đŸ’¡

You may have noticed that the design on here is quite simple; and there’s a good reason for that. Simply, i’m really more of a backend-type of guy. Nevertheless, i’ve build this myself. “Simplicity is the glory of expression” – I love that quote.

So.. How often will I update this site?
Good question! I have absolutely no idea. I’ve tried numerous times building a personal website, but every time, without fail, i’ve totally neglected it. So let’s see.

What will I write about on here?
Once again, great question – thanks for asking! Short answer: what ever comes to mind. Maybe i wanna share some code, personal experiences, a photo or perhaps a video. Who knows?

Until we meet again!
(Enjoy the meme)